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Who we are:

A Company for paper conversion with specialism in paper services, meeting the needs of market for different paper types and sizes by using new mean of latest technologies so that the product is delivered to the customer within a short period of time and with a competitive price.

It was founded in 1993 and has established a name for itself that makes this company one of the leading pioneers companies in the market. The company’s services reach a wide range of the domestic  sectors, Arab states, and the whole world.


Contribute to the development of paper sector in the local and international  market. In spite of the rapid technical development witnessed globally. Information technology revolution and the developing capacity of the internet made not the need for paper less yet; the need for papers has increased in all private and public sectors in all capacities and paper types and standards.

The need of today’s market for paper is even much greater than it was before the internet revolution; therefore the primary role of Repaco is to support and provide the market’s needs of this product with international quality standards adopted in introducing this product and based on the selection of artistic – technical skills based on the huge experience in this filed since 1993.

The keys of our success:

·         High credibility and transparency which enable us to gain the trust of our customers.

·         Special relations which we build with our customers

·         Distinctive and flexible team with high experience

·         Commitment to our promises

·         Innovation in making concepts

Our job filed:

Publishing all printed papers type (reams) with different sizes and thicknesses.

Manufacturing both thermal and normal type of rolls special for ITM machines use in different size and lengths.

Cutting normal paper rolls to make dishes with international different sizes.

Cutting normal paper rolls to make small rolls with desirable length and width.



Why Ripaco:

Ripaco is the leading company in the Syrian economic arena in the field of importing and converting paper rolls into product covering the market

Ripaco is a trade company collect every new improvement in this field in terms of diversity and quality

Company sections:

·         Sales department:

Consists of a sales team of more than one person distributed through Damascus and its countryside and the Syrian governorates

This section holds the responsibility of receiving and dealing with client’s requests from different region according to an internal mechanism which saves time and monotony . These request are later transferred to the cargo office which in its turn ships them directly to the customer.

·         Marketing department:

Prepares a study on the market in terms of price and consumption prepares development plans for marketing new products according to a comprehensive perspective of the local and international market.

·         Finance department:

Reviews the receivable finance of customers works on removing all obstacles and makes periodic reconciliations with them in order to gain credibility.

·         Department of human resources:

Works to the comfort the staff and ensures all their needs and promotion for the highest productivity in customers service.

·         Department of manufacturing:

Converts raw paper into a usable product in the market through good storytelling and packaging

·         Department of shipping:

Delivers the orders of the customers on a daily basis to the required place and during the requested time by special cars around the city of Damascus and its countryside to do customer service job

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